O u r S t o r y


O u r S t o r y

It was Dr. Isaac Gubel’s love for the early Cabernets from the Mendoza region of Argentina that awakened his young son’s taste for the novel grape. Gustavo would sneak sips of wine at family barbecues on “The Island” in the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

By the time Gustavo was in his last year of high school, the 1970’s  political turmoil in Argentina prompted his family to send him to California to pursue his education. He chose to study architecture and eventually established a firm specializing in hillside homes and hospitality. His distinctive style of contemporary design and creating warm and inviting spaces is characterized by the expansive use of glass, concrete and a variety of woods.

When the time came for Gustavo to design and build his dream home,  a mature fruiting olive tree stood where the house was to be built. Before attempting to transplant the tree, Gustavo picked its thousands of ripe olives and brought them home to crush. With the enthusiastic support of his then-girlfriend, Joanne, who would later become his wife, they spent hours crushing the olives with a two-by-four into the wee hours of the morning. By the time they finished, all they had managed to achieve was a watery pumice. But when they woke up the next morning, olive oil had risen above the liquid and an agricultural dream was born!


They traveled to Italy on their honeymoon and learned about the world of delicious olive oils. When they returned home, they bought a few hundred baby Frantoio trees, clones of their favorite variety in Tuscany. They grew the trees in pots on the roof of their then-completed home while they began their search for a piece of land to plant them permanently. The search extended for years. During that time, the trees continued to grow in their pots, bore fruit every year and were the source of hundreds of bottles of olive oil.  

After countless trips throughout California searching for the perfect home to plant the trees, they honed in on The Napa Valley, and the rich and enchanting world of winegrowing became their new passion.

To their amazement and joy, their dream materialized in 2020 when they purchased a property on the Valley Floor of the Calistoga AVA. They implemented sustainable and organic farming, and by installing a solar power system, together with the vineyard’s existing water wells, the vineyard became a fully “off-the-grid” operation.

Soon they had the good fortune of finding Robbie Meyer, one of the most accomplished wine makers in Napa Valley. Robbie implemented his philosophy of minimum intervention, and the latest techniques and developments in elegant wine making, to create our inaugural vintage of Gubel Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Wine from Calistoga.

And last but not least, the olive trees finally found a home in the fertile soils of the Napa Valley!

"From our dream to your table, we hope you enjoy our wine."

– Gustavo Gubel, Founder and Owner