S i n g l e V i n e y a r d

Estate Grown

Our wine is grown and produced on our private Single Vineyard Estate located in the heart of Napa Valley, California

Gubel Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle
Gubel Family Wine

H o w I t A l l B e g a n

Our Story

It was Dr. Isaac Gubel’s love for the early Cabernets from the Mendoza region of Argentina that awakened his young son’s taste for the novel grape. Gustavo would sneak sips of wine at family barbecues on “The Island” in the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Single Vineyard estate grown

Gubel Family Wines

Introducing our inaugural vintage of Gubel Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Wine from Calistoga.


2021 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

The aromatics show off ripe blackberry and plum, with underlying of fresh earth, tobacco, and graphite.
Napa valley vineyards

The Gubel Estate

"From our dream to your table, we hope you enjoy our wine."

– Gustavo Gubel, Founder and Owner